Our Products

Whole spices and pulses

Apart from spice powders, we also import and trade whole spices like chilli long, Black pepper whole, Coariander whole etc.
Our product range also includes Pulses and Lentils.

  • White Chana

    White Chana

  • Masoor Dhal

    Masoor Dhal

  • Brown Gram

    Brown Gram

  • Burgol


  • Moong Split

    Moong Split

  • Moong Whole

    Moong Whole

  • Chana Whole

    Chana Whole

  • Chana Dhal

    Chana Dhal

  • Yellow Split Peas

    Yellow Split Peas

  • Red Masoor Whole

    Red Masoor Whole

  • Urid Split

    Urid Split

  • Urid Whole

    Urid Whole

  • Black Eye Beans

    Black Eye Beans

  • Red Kidney Beans

    Red Kidney Beans

  • Nutmeg


  • Fenugreek


  • Cashews


  • Cardamom


  • Cinnamon Stick

    Cinnamon Stick

  • Dry Ginger

    Dry Ginger

  • Chilly Round

    Chilly Round

  • Chilly Whole

    Chilly Whole

  • Turmeric Whole

    Turmeric Whole

  • Coriander Split

    Coriander Split

  • Coriander Whole

    Coriander Whole